Virtual Mirror Demo

Much of our empathy research involves the use of a virtual mirror. By allowing users to see themselves as a different person in virtual reality, we can allow them to virtually “walk a mile” in someone elses shoes. To learn more about our empathy research, visit our Projects Page and see these publications.

As a proof of concept, we have built a simulation to demonstrate how powerful the virtual mirror can be. We are releasing the demo below for anyone to download. You must have a PC and an HTC Vive to run the simulation. This demo is meant to be a sample of our work and is not meant to be used in actual training scenarios. There are no audio files included and the simulation is not set up for more complex social interactions — both of which would be required for effective empathy training. The provided demo will allow you to understand how an emapthy or diversity training scenario would be accomplished in VR.

To download the executable and readme files for VHIL’s Virtual Mirror Demo, click the link below.

**Note: This demo is compatible with PC only and is setup to run on an HTC Vive system.**

VHIL cannot provide troubleshooting assistance. This demo is free to download as-is. Please refer to the ReadMe file for setup or consult the SteamVR support page.