Multimodal transformed social interaction

Turk, M., Bailenson, J.N., Beall, A.C., Blascovich, J., Guadagno, R. (2004). Multimodal transformed social interaction. Proceedings of the ACM Sixth International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces (ICMI), October 14 – 15, State College, PA, USA.


Understanding human-human interaction is fundamental to the long-term pursuit of powerful and natural multimodal interfaces. Nonverbal communication, including body posture, gesture, facial expression, and eye gaze, is an important aspect of human-human interaction. We introduce a paradigm for studying multimodal and nonverbal communication in collaborative virtual environments (CVEs) called Transformed Social Interaction (TSI), in which a user’s visual representation is rendered in a way that strategically filters selected communication behaviors in order to change the nature of a social interaction. To achieve this, TSI must employ technology to detect, recognize, and manipulate behaviors of interest, such as facial expressions, gestures, and eye gaze. In [13] we presented a TSI experiment called non-zero-sum gaze (NZSG) to determine the effect of manipulated eye gaze on persuasion in a small group setting. Eye gaze was manipulated so that each participant in a three-person CVE received eye gaze from a presenter that was normal, less than normal, or greater than normal. We review this experiment and discuss the implications of TSI for multimodal interfaces.