This database is based on a mixed-method study VHIL employed with parents of school-aged children during the 2020 pandemic. 311 households were asked what VR applications their children use, which yielded a final list of 169 VR applications deemed to have educational value. The applications were coded for the school subject they relate to.

The database is meant to support parents and educators who are looking for educational VR content for children. The VR apps are categorized by the school subject(s) they relate to.

You can browse and search the database on this webpage. We have also made a version available for download, which in addition to the short descriptions of each app and their categorization by school subject also includes the number of individual households that mentioned making use of each app (frequency column).

VR application
Categories Summary
1, 2, 3... Bruegel!Step into Pieter Bruegel's painting and play hide and seek with 218 hidden children.History, Visual & Performing Arts
1943 Berlin BlitzRide with BBC reporter, Wynford Vaughan-Thomas, on an allied bombing raid over Berlin at the height of World War II.History
3D Organon VR AnatomyExplore the human body by manipulating atomical structures and studying definitions.Biology, Anatomy
A Journey into the BrainExplore the structures and processes of the brain.Biology, Anatomy
Access MarsExplore a 3D replica of Mars' surface, recorded by NASA's Curiosity Rover.Astronomy
Adam Savage's Tested VRStep into the workspaces of famous makers and learn about their process of ideation and creation.Visual & Performing Arts
Adventure ClimbRock climb through a canyon, enjoying views or racing to the top.Phyiscal Education
Anatomy Explorer 2020Explore the human body by traveling through and manipulating atomical structures.Biology, Anatomy
AnatomyouNavigate anatomical structures and learn about bodily processes.Biology, Anatomy
Angry BirdsTry to destroy various structures by slingshotting angry birds.Physics
Anne Frank House VRWalk through the "Secret Annex" where Anne Frank and other persecuted Jews hid from Nazis in WWII. History, Civics
Apollo 11 VRTake part in an immersive documentary about the Apollo 11 program, become an astronaut, and journey to the moon.Astronomy
Art PlungePlunge into five famous paintings and explore the scenery.Visual & Performing Arts
Arte TripsDiscover the stories and intentions of European painters by jumping into their masterpieces. Visual & Performing Arts
AscapeTravel around the world and learn about each destination.Geology
Athenian AcropolisExplore the landscape of ancient Athens and learn about its historical significance.History
AudicaShoot and smash targets to the beat of popular songs.Visual & Performing Arts
AudioshieldBlock and punch incoming targets that are synched to the beat of songs from your own playlists.Phyiscal Education, Visual & Performing Arts
BBC Earth: Life in VRDiscover the California coast by diving with sea life and listening to narration.Biology, Environmental Science
Beat SaberSlash the beats of popular songs in the correct direction as they come at you.Phyiscal Education
Becoming HomelessStep into the shoes of someone with diminishing resources who can no longer afford a home. Civics
BiodiveBecome a marine biologist and learn about the ecosystems in various dive locations.Biology, Environmental Science
BlocksBuild 3D objects using six tools, bring your models to life, and share your creations.Visual & Performing Arts
Box VRPunch incoming targets that are symched to the beat of songs and track your fitness progress.Phyiscal Education
BrainVisInteract with colorful neuroimaging data of the brain and visualize different MRI scans.Biology, Visual & Performing Arts
Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to MarsMeet Dr. Aldrin, the pilot on Apollo 11, and hear about his plan for inhabiting Mars. Astronomy
CalcFlowExperiment with vector calculus by manipulating vectors, creating parametrized functions, or solving sample problems.Math
Capcom Go!Control an interactive Apollo planetarium to explore the universe or tour the International Space Station.Astronomy
Cirque du SoleilWatch from up close as the famous acrobatic group performs their most iconic shows.Visual & Performing Arts
ClassVRHeadset and educational content for many different school subjects.Physics, Chemisty, Biology, Math, History, Geology, Civics, English Language, Phyiscal Education, Visual & Performing Arts, Educational Package
CNN VRWatch or read CNN's latest 360º videos and breaking headlines. Civics
Color SpaceStep inside a 360º black and white scene and color each object to bring the visual and auditory environment to life.Visual & Performing Arts
Complete AnatomyExplore an interactive 3D anatomy atlas and learning platform.Biology, Anatomy
CoSpacesBuild, animate, and explore your own 3D creations. Collaborate with others or build on your own. Visual & Performing Arts
Creed: Rise to GloryFight as Adonis Creed against the world's top apponents to establish your boxing legacy.Phyiscal Education
Dance CentralDance solo to 32 choreographed routines or socialize and compete with your friends. Phyiscal Education, Visual & Performing Arts
Deep Diving VRExperience what it's like to dive in the ocean. Approach sea life, explore new areas, and use your tools.Biology, Environmental Science
Digital Combat SimulatorSimulate becoming a pilot of military-grade vehicles. Fly through cities, run missions, and shoot down targets on the battlefield.History
Discovery VRTransport to new parts of the world and immerse yourself in a broad range of exciting stories.Media Player
Dissection SimulatorLearn the fundamentals of animal anatomy through performing guided dissections of various animals. Biology, Anatomy
DreamsPlay thousands of games created by players across the world. Or design and publish games for others to play.Visual & Performing Arts
EcosphereVenture to nature's most diverse ecosystems and meet the communities protecting our wildlife.Biology, Environmental Science, Geology
Eleven Table TennisPractice table tennis with AI or in minigames, then play against opponents from around the world.Phyiscal Education
EngageCollaborate, create, share presentations, train, and learn with others around the world in a virtual work environment.Physics, Chemisty, Biology, Astronomy, Environmental Science, Math, Anatomy, History, Geology, English Language, Foreign Language, Phyiscal Education, Visual & Performing Arts, Educational Package
EverestEmbark on an expedition to the summit of Mount Everest. Listen to audioguides about Everest as you traverse precarious paths.Geology
Everybody's GolfPlay golf on three new courses and practice your putting at the driving range.Phyiscal Education
Everyday GolfPlay golf solo or with friends on up to 63 different holes. Improve your skills by looking at your swing analysis.Phyiscal Education
EXA: The Infinite InstrumentCompose, record, and perform music using instruments that you design yourself. Play with EXA's sound library or start from scratch.Visual & Performing Arts
Experience: ColorblindExperince what it's like to be colorblind. Allow the narrator to guide you through various tasks and color tests.Civics
Facebook 360Share or watch immersive stories, places, and experiences on Facebook.Media Player
Fancy SkiingAvoid obstacles as you ski down various slopes.Phyiscal Education
Fantastic ContraptionCreate life-sized contraptions and use your creativity to solve various puzzles.Visual & Performing Arts
FotonLearn about science through playing a collection of game-based learning experiences.Physics, Chemisty, Biology, Astronomy, Environmental Science, Anatomy, Educational Package
GadgeteerBuild gadgets and chain-reaction machines to solve fun, physics-based puzzles.Physics
Go GuessTest your knowledge of the world. Get teleported to a random location, then guess where you are.Geology
Google Arts & CultureStep inside a virtual gallery and learn about art curated by museums around the world. Visual & Performing Arts
Google CardboardLaunch your favorite VR experiences from your mobile device.Media Player
Google EarthExplore the world's cities, landmarks, and natural wonders from a ground view or aerial view. Geology
Google ExpeditionsExplore the world with over 1000 VR tours.Physics, Chemisty, Biology, Astronomy, Environmental Science, Math, History, Geology, Civics, Visual & Performing Arts
Google SitesGo on a virtual tour to a variety of landmarks around the world in cities or in nature. Geology, Visual & Performing Arts
Google Tilt BrushPaint in a three dimensional space with dynamic brushes and audio-reactive features. Upload your creations to the web.Visual & Performing Arts
Google Tour CreatorCreate a virual tour by highlighting 'points of interest' in a 360º photo and adding details explaining its significance.Visual & Performing Arts
Gravity SketchExpress your ideas through sketching, building models, creating scenes. Export and share your work. Visual & Performing Arts
Hand Physics LabExperiment with finger and hand dexterity in VR by working on activities with various objects and tools.Physics
HeadmasterGraduate from soccer school by heading soccer balls into targets, hoops and cups. Phyiscal Education
Hockey Player VRHone your puck skills and play hockey against AI or others online.Phyiscal Education
HoloLab ChampionsTake part in a chemistry game show. Complete lab experiment challenges to become a champion.Chemisty
HomestarIn this planetarium experience, relax under the stars, find constellations, and recreate the sky from a date of your choice. Astronomy
Hoover Dam: Industrial VRFly overhead the Hoover Dam and pick any spot to land, explore and understand the machinery.Physics, Geology
HorizonsControl music which controls the colorful visuals and sounds of the fantasy world around you.Visual & Performing Arts
House of LanguagesLearn languages through seeing objects and their corresponding names, then repeating the words. English Language, Foreign Language
Hulu VRExperience you favorite TV shows and movies in a variety of virtual environments.Media Player
Human AnatomyInteract with, manipulate, and learn about various anatomical systems and structures in the human body.Biology, Anatomy
InCell VRRace through a recreated human cell to the nucleus in the correct pathway in order to cure the human.Biology
InMind VRJourney through a patient's brain in search of neurons causing mental disorder. Biology
InMind VR2Navigate through a teenager's brain and control hormonal reactions to key moments that impact his future. Biology
International Space Station TourStep aboard and learn what it was like to live onboard the longest inhabited space station to orbit Earth.Astronomy
Jaunt VRExperience an array of premium cinematic VR experiences.Media Player
Jurassic WorldExperience what it's like to be in the presence of living dinosaurs.Biology
King Tut VRExplore the Ancient Egyptian ruins that King Tut was buried in.History
Kingspray Graffiti VRCreate street art in realistic environments with lifelike spray paint colors and drying effects.Visual & Performing Arts
Knockout LeagueBox against different characters. Phyiscal Education
Kolb Antartica ExperienceEnter the Antartic world to learn about the geography and conduct research about the environment. Biology, Environmental Science
LabsterReceive a fully-online biology degree through performing various biology, ecology, and animal physiology experiment simulations. Physics, Chemisty, Biology, Environmental Science, Anatomy, Educational Package
Let's Create! Pottery VRExperience all the stages of creating ceramics. Pick your clay, work the potters wheel, and design with glazes.Visual & Performing Arts
Let's Dance VRFollow the dance moves of the avatar to pass levels and learn to dance Hip Hop. Phyiscal Education, Visual & Performing Arts
Life VRImmerse yourself in many experiences from the Meredith brands. Media Player
LifeliqeExplore interactive 3D models and experiences to learn about 10 different scientific topics.Physics, Chemisty, Biology, Astronomy, Math, Anatomy, History, Civics, Educational Package
LittlStarAn immersive VR platform and community for mobile content and 360º videos. Media Player
Lyra VRCompose and perform music in a 3D space. Record, manipulate, and loop sounds.Visual & Performing Arts
Marimba VRPratice marimba in a virtual world.Visual & Performing Arts
MasterWorksTravel to various famous destinations within three different continents in a time period of your choice.Environmental Science, History, Geology
Medium VRSculpt, model, and paint in a 3D immersive environment with a variety of tools and features.Visual & Performing Arts
MEL Chemistry VRTake courses that fit the school chemistry curriculum. Understand rather than memorize complex concepts.Chemisty
MindshowCreate 3D animations. Use already-existing characters or import your own, then act out and record motions in real time. Visual & Performing Arts
MinecraftBuild structures, explore, and battle monstrous mobs. Visual & Performing Arts
Mission ISSBecome an astronaut and take a trip into orbit to experience life on board the International Space Station.Astronomy
Mona Lisa: Beyond the GlassStep into the Mona Lisa painting, meet the live Mona Lisa, and learn about Da Vinci's story and techniques.Visual & Performing Arts
Mondly: Learn Languages in VRPractice and learn language in a fun way. English Language, Foreign Language
MultiverseEnter the multiverse. Step into the planetarium and learn about astronomy solo or with friends.Astronomy
Museum of Other RealitiesIn this multiplayer art showcase, connect, share and experience a growing collection of interactive art with others. Visual & Performing Arts
NanomeLearn chemistry through collaborating with others and manipulating chemicals and proteins. Chemisty
National Geographic Explore VRTake part in a variety of nature experiences. Travel around the world to learn about culture, animals, or science.Biology, Environmental Science, Geology
Nature TreksVenture on treks through various natural environments, control the climate, encounter animals and enjoy relaxing scenery.Biology, Environmental Science
Nefertari: Journey to EternityStep into the fabeled tomb of Queen Nefertari and immerse yourself in its art, history, construction, and mythology.History, Visual & Performing Arts
Netflix VREnjoy TV shows and movies in a cozy virtual living room. Media Player
Notes on BlindnessVenture into the thoughts and experiences of a person documenting what it is like to slowly become blind. Civics
Number HuntTest and improve your speed and knowledege of math by achieving target numbers before other players. Math
Ocean DescentDive into an ocean adventure, witness the incredible marine life and face danger. Biology, Environmental Science
Ocean RiftExplore up to 12 habitats and swim with and learn about the creatures you come across. Biology, Environmental Science
Oh ShapeDodge obstacles, punch walls, and make fun poses to clear each map in this workout rhythm game.Phyiscal Education
Orders of MagnitudeRide through the universe at large and microscopic scales. Learn while enjoying relaxing visuals.Biology, Astronomy
Our Solar SystemLearn about the solar system and each of its planets in five lessons.Astronomy
Paint VRUse an assortment of brushes and other tools to paint in a virtual space.Visual & Performing Arts
Piñata PartyEat virtual candy while burning real calories. Smash a piñata with friends and race to collect the most candy. Phyiscal Education
PolyBrowse others' art, share your own art, and remix 3D assets. Visual & Performing Arts
Prime Video VRWatch amazon prime movies, TV shows, purchased subscription channels, and other VR content. Media Player
Quill TheaterPaint, illustrate, and animate on an infinitely scalable canvas. Use watercolor, pencil, oil paint, and other intuitive tools.Visual & Performing Arts
Quill Paint and animate in virtual reality on an infinitely scalable canvasVisual & Performing Arts
Racket FuryCustomize your environment and play a game of ping pong against AI or other players. Phyiscal Education
Racket NXTry to hit targets with a ball by swinging your racket. Play by yourself or with friends in a large dome playing field.Phyiscal Education
RobloxPlay multiplayer games within environments created by a global community and become anything you can imagine. Visual & Performing Arts
Rome Reborn: The Roman ForumTake an interactive, self-guided tour of the Roman Forum in 320 AD.History
RumpusWork on a live-coding playground for the room you are in, while you are in the room.Engineering
ScienceVRImmerse yourself in a range of interactive scientific experiences. Physics, Biology, Math, History
SculptrVRSculpt anything in your imagination using various tools. Join a multiplayer mode to create with up to 4 friends. Visual & Performing Arts
Sharecare VRNavigate a real-time simulation of the human body. Learn about its functions and even customize physiology to simulate diseases.Biology, Anatomy
Shark WeekExplore underwater ecosystems and search for sharks. Assist on scientific expeditions and collect data on missions. Biology, Environmental Science
SketchfabPublish your own work and explore others work on this platform of user generated VR content.Visual & Performing Arts
SketchboxPrototype ideas in VR and AR. Import assets, group objects, and export to share. Visual & Performing Arts
Sky VR: Hold the WorldTransport to London's Natural History Museum where publically inaccessable, world-famous collections come to life.Biology
Space EngineView a to scale model of the universe, visit any part of the galaxy and watch orbital motions at any speed. Biology
Space TimeTravel to some of the strangest places in the universe and learn about astrophysics and the nature of reality.Physics, Astronomy
Sprint VectorCompete with others in various multiplayer parkour racetracks. Run, jump, climb, and fly to beat others. Phyiscal Education
Stanford Ocean Acidification ExperienceVisualize the impact that ocean acidification has on the marine environments and ecosystems such as coral reefs. Chemisty, Biology, Environmental Science
Star ChartExplore the solar system through viewing constellations, meteor showers, and other cosmic events. Astronomy
SupernaturalExercise in the various locations on earth. Get guidance and motivation from coaches. Track your progress. Phyiscal Education
Synth RidersFreestyle dance to music, ride a unique rail system, meet friends, and track your fitness progress. Phyiscal Education, Visual & Performing Arts
TheBluObserve underwater species up close and return to meditative versions of each location.Biology
The BodyTravel through the human body and discover how blood cells spread oxygen and how organelles fight viruses. Biology
The KeyTake part in an immersive narrative about refugees through dreams, challenges and dangers faced, and experiences of loss. Civics
The LineImmerse yourself in a 15-20 minute interactive story about two miniature dolls, love, and fear of change. History, Visual & Performing Arts
The People's HouseGo on a historic visit to the White House duing the Obama administration.History, Civics
Thrill of the FightBox with a series of challengers. Evade swings, land jabs, and block punches to win the match. Phyiscal Education
Through the Ages: President ObamaVisit Yosemite National Park with Obama. Enjoy the view while hearing him remark about conservation, preservation, and climate change. Environmental Science, Geology, Civics
TitanicWitness the sinking of RMS Titanic, explore the shipwreck, and complete recovery missions.History
Titans of Space PLUSTour through a holographic miniature solar system, venture beyond to visit stars and planets, and walk in zero-gravity mode. Astronomy
Travel VRPick a destination and travel around the world. Geology
Traveling While BlackLearn about the challenges Black American travelers face today through understanding the US history of space and race relations.History, Civics
TribeXRTake weekly lessons and become a DJ and mix your tracks. Perform on a replica of professional equipment.Visual & Performing Arts
Universe SandboxCreate, destroy, and interact with this physics-based space simulator.Physics
VaR's Video PlayerWatch VR and 3D videos and configure the parameters of the player.Media Player
VeativeLearn from a library of modules for science and language learning.Media Player
Versailles VRVisit the Palace of Versailles and explore each room and many details. History, Visual & Performing Arts
VictoryXRImmerse yourself in a variety of learning experiences in engineering, biology, and earth sciences. Physics, Chemisty, Biology, Astronomy, Environmental Science, Anatomy, Engineering, Educational Package
VirZoomPedal and lean through race tracks, battlegrounds, and soaring skies. Race against others.Phyiscal Education
Viveport VideoWatch videos and explore a vast collection of new 360º material.Media Player
Voixtek VRReceive lessons and learn how to sing like the top artists with Anderson's voice training technique. Track your growth. Visual & Performing Arts
Voxel Works QuestA Minecraft-adjacent sandbox game in which the player mines and builds with their own hands. Phyiscal Education
VR Theater for CardboardWatch 2D, 3D, and 360º videos from the web, other applications, or mp4 files. Media Player
VrideoStream 3D and 360º videos. Media Player
vrkshopBuild woodworking projects with hand tools. Take on challenges or build whatever you want in free play mode. Engineering
VRLab Academy: Anatomy VRExplore eight realistic human anatomical systems in an interactive lab. Biology, Anatomy
WanderTeleport anywhere in the world and choose from a variety of time periods. Walk around and hear about various landmarks. History, Geology
We WaitExperience an animated story about a refugee crisis.Civics, Media Player
WithinExperience cinematic VR. Watch high resolution immersive stories. Media Player
Wonders of the WorldTravel to the Colossus of Rhodes, Taj Mahal, and Machu Picchu. Explore and learn about their histories. History
WrenchPrepare and maintain race cars in this mechanic simulator. Engineering
YouTubeExperience YouTube channels, 360º videos and creators. Media Player